Since 1978 we have been providing Residential Security Systems that usually include  Full Perimeter  protection, as well as  Interior  protection devices.  We typically install contacts all Perimeter Doors and Windows, then install additional protection devices such as Motion Detectors and Glass Break Sensors.

Over the years we have installed  Pressure Mats  under carpeting, and  Alarm Screens  that allow you to fully open your windows, and still have your home protected.  The alarm screens will activate the alarm if someone removes or cuts the screen.

We have also installed  Vent Window Switches  that allow you have the system “ armed “ and open the window a few inches, to let in fresh air, without having to “ disarm “ the System.  If the window is raised more a few inches, the alarm system will activate.

We can install Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Water / Moisture  Detectors, Temperature Sensors, and we can find a sensor to pretty much monitor / detect, anything that you may need to Monitor at your home or a vacation / rental home.

We can provide Wireless Transmitters ( Standard and Water Resistant ) that will connect to your Security System for Police and / or Medical Emergencies.

We offer Cellular Back Up, as well as Land Line, Central Station Monitoring Services for Emergency Personnel Notification.  With Central Station Monitoring, you may be able to receive a discount on your home owners insurance.

With today's modern Smart Home systems, you can Monitor and Control your Security System, Door Locks, Thermostats, Lighting, Security Cameras, and so much more,  all with you Smart Phone. ( depending on your network / internet speed )

We install the most up to date Hardwired, Wireless, and / or WiFi Video Cameras to meet your surveillance needs.  These can be Perimeter Cameras mounted on the exterior of the house, Door Bell Cameras, Motion Light Cameras, Interior Cameras, Hidden Cameras, and Cameras that monitor your Gate.  Some / Most of these cameras are available with Audio Capabilities.

We also install AC Powered and Solar Powered Automatic Gate Openers for your existing Gate.  If you currently don't have a gate, we will be glad to assist you in Designing the best type of gate to meet your needs.  After coordinating with one of our Fence / Gate Companies for the Gate Installation Estimate, we will provide a Complete Estimate for the Gate and Gate Automation Installation.  Your Automatic Gate can be controlled by Wireless Transmitters, Keypads, and / or Telephone Entry Systems.  Telephone Entry Systems call your home phone and / or cellular phone when a Visitor needs access to your gate.  If you want to let them in, just press a number on your phone, and the Gate Opens.

At S.T.A. Security, Inc., we take the time to listen to your needs, ask detailed questions, perform a complete site survey, provide worst case scenarios that would be burglars may use, then provide an estimate for the Security System custom designed to fit your individual security needs.

After the Installation, we take the time to “ train “ you and your family members on proper system operation, so that you get the most value out of your Home Security System Purchase.

We provide Security Systems and Alarm System Service for Homes of all sizes, Large and Small.

Our Security Systems are Purchased Upfront, not financed.  That way we can offer a Small Monitoring Charge with out a Contract, not a 3 to 5 year contract with the system purchase amount included, then keep charging you that Higher amount for years after you have paid off the original System Installation.

We typically cover the Central and Southern Mississippi and are Licensed and Insured.

Please read our customer reviews to see how it feels to deal with a “ Family Owned “ Business, that puts your needs on the top of our list.  We Specialize in Quality, Dependable Service, and treat you like Family, not a number.

Please contact us with your specific Security System and / or Automatic Gate needs, and we will get back with you as soon as possible.


Wendell Fugitt